‘Spread the Marmite Love’ Design Contest

Share SpringLeap and Marmite South Affrica just launched an exciting design contest to source promotional branded merchandise for the iconic condiments brand for Valentines Day 2012. The contest invites both local and international designers to illustrate their love and passion for Marmite in creative and uplifting ways, offering a total of US $1950 in cash prizes in return. 


The winning designs to be sourced from this contest will be printed & sold on promotional products for Valentines Day 2012.
You need to show your passion for Marmite! Not just to eat, but in any fun way you can imagine. The iconic nature of the brand has inspired designs from across the world! Go do some research online & see just how crazy people have been!

Submissions for designs open: 17 November 2011
Submissions for designs close:  03 January 2012
Voting starts: 19 December 2011
Voting ends: 16 January 2012

Winner announced: 18 January 2012

So what are you waiting for! Put those skills to good use and let the best design WIN! Find out more about the contest HERE.

- Priscilla