Caffeine Necklace

 Share Everyone has tried a delicious cup of coffee, once or twice a day, perhaps even more with a Starbucks on every corner. But this is a different type of caffeine indulgence that you can carry with you at all times. The Caffeine Necklace is part of great jewelry collection called the Molecular Addictions that displays a different type  of addiction in each piece. The Caffeine Necklace is made from strong lightweight stainless steel that has been finished in a smooth matte black powder coating with gunmetal chain and findings. 

Thanks to Arohas Silhouettes and this wonderful concept we can now get hook on a new addiction but without the effects. A new piece will be release once a month for the rest of 2011, so stay tuned and pick the one that fits you best!

Photography by Kelly Jill

- Priscilla