This compact yet stylist card holder will become an indispensable part of your designer wardrobe. Equipped with three compartments, the holder allows you to store without damaging credit cards, notes and documents of all kinds.

Its sleek design and its characteristic form will take place naturally in your back pocket or even your shirt. Entirely made ​​of natural material, from leather scraps and felt 100% wool waste. Hand sewn Dimensions: L10 x W 7 cm. Order yours exclusively from Wood Insane Design.

- Priscilla

Fantastic watercolor portraits by Emily Deutchman.  Her Presidents with Boob Faces series is 44 canvases of commanders-in-chief with mammaries fused to their mugs. For Lincoln, it’s the beard, for Bush, a full titty - simply brilliant! All paintings are for sale, and she asks that you contact her at for inquiries!

- Priscilla

So like a vampire I've been hiding in the shadows for the past few months, so it was only fitting to make a comeback with this lovely poster illustration by Grace O'Connor for the vampire-rocker movie Only Lovers Left Alive by indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. Grace was the obvious choice to create the poster since her previous paintings include portraits of a gang of metal kids who once rules teenage hearts in her small American town but never quiet accepted growing old. Such a badass!

About the film: "It is Jarmusch’s most hypnotic and finest creation since 1995’s “Dead Man,” and is arguably more satisfying than that black-and-white Johnny Depp film. In fact, “Only Lovers Left Alive” might be the director’s strongest film since his trio of 1980s masterpieces, “Stranger Than Paradise,” “Down By Law” and “Mystery Train.”

Just when it’s time to call a moratorium on vampire movies, Jim Jarmusch (my favorite) and the beautiful Tilda Swinton have to go and make a good one. But anyways I won't give too much away, you'll just have to see it for yourselves.

Check out the killer sountrack on Spotify Via Paul Stolper

Read more here:

- Priscilla

I was recently approached by Thomas Leach, the creator of one of the most ingenious products I've seen in a while. Ladies and Gents I present to you the Urban Strap™, a multi-adaptable utilitarian strap that offers practical relief to some very redundant situations. As some of you know I live in New York, a fast pace city where everyone moves at what I call "New York City Speed", but not when it comes to simple things like doing groceries.

Imagine walking home from the super market and having two free hands, or walking your bike up that four story complex and still being able to carry a bag and talk on the phone; or maybe you are a busy parent and two trips to and from the car just isn’t feasible. Urban Strap™ can tackle all of this and and more.

Urban Strap™ complements your lifestyle with its ergonomic strap design that makes hauling heavy and multiple loads hassle-free. With it’s Torso Modulation Capability, the strap employs efficient weight distribution and allows objects to conveniently rotate around one's torso, easing muscle tension while maintaining balance at the same time. It was assembled thoughtfully using custom hardware and durable nylon webbing to ensure stability and comfort upon usage, and comes in shades of vibrant Rage or cool Onyx.

With a Kickstarter goal of $17,000, Urban Strap™ is offered at $35 as opposed to the projected $49 retail price for an Onyx strap in full. Make your pledge today, and help Urban Strap™ expedite its latest test phase prototypes that will be brought to production within two months of the end date of this campaign!

To make a pledge visit: Kickstarter's Urban Strap™Project.

- Priscilla